Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hinduism VS. Islam

Hinduism and Islam are two of the world major religions. They are the large following in the various part of the world. They have some core ideals and good ideas. We accept religion as a product if the setting in which it arise and its effect chosen by god to deal with positive major problems of human life and irregular to the times and the place in which they create we understand the both Hinduism and Islam.
Hinduism believes in respect of god in every believable way by formless and worldwide persons and also as individual gods and goddess. And Hinduism is also referring to a popular period today known as Santana Dharma which translates to timeless belief. Islam believes in one and only God who has 99 names but it is most popularly refers by the name ALLAH. Islam is based on the saying of the Allah that has been conveying to us. They through the many Prophet Muhammad being the last one. Hinduism is based upon the teaching of God in the form of his life and expression and Bhagavad Gita.
Islam is extremely severe in its approach towards other religions. Hinduism is a group of religions that share some common beliefs and traditions and it is not in support or against a particular belief or religion.Islam belief in liberate people from eternal damnation and through their conversion to Islam. Whereas Hinduism believes in leasing the individual choose his path according to his inner belief and development.
The conclusion is: Hinduism and Islam are very different religions. There are the major differences between the ideas of religions and major differences between how a person enters haven. However, there are some similarities. Both religions believe in a final resting place for the soul and the both religions holds and highly honest person conduct for their members such as giving to the poor and selfless duty. Both religions also have sacred text that are fundamental to their religions and both religions have sacred locations where undertaken by the faithful.

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